Classic Elf on the Shelf Ideas Continued

Week two of our Elf on the Shelf didn’t disappoint. Our funny elf Lily Cute started to show her hilarious personality and kept us guessing on what shenanigans she would pull overnight. But first, check out what Week One of Elf on the Shelf looked like in our home.

Day 7: Laundry Elf

When we found Lily in the laundry room cleaning and hanging clothes on a clothesline I was under the impression she would help with the ongoing loads of laundry. Nope. She only washed and hung the Barbies’ clothes for one day.

Magic supplies: Bubbles (tiny “snowballs” from The Dollar Tree, string or ribbon, and mini clothes pins.

Funny Elf on the Shelf making snowflakes with toilet paper

Day 8: A String of Snowflakes

Obviously this Elf on the Shelf didn’t get the message that toilet paper is a rare commodity this year. Regardless, she did a nice job creating a long string of snowflakes from the downstairs powder room. Maisie’s giggle was unforgettable as she said, “I wasn’t expecting this!”

Magic Supplies: Toilet paper and scissors

Day 9: Candy Cane Sledding

Sledding seems to be a favorite Elf on the Shelf activity. Lily obviously loved racing down our stairs dodging snowballs.

Magic Supplies: Candy canes (these were Nerds flavored), tape (clear packing table is best for steep inclines), and cotton balls

Day 10: Hide and Seek

Remember those candy canes from the day before? They were perfect props for Day 10’s Hide and Seek theme. Lily Cute left a note: “Do you want to play hide-and-seek? Can you find me and 6 candy canes?”

Magic supplies: Candy canes

Day 11: Trees for Sale

Decretive trees are plentiful in our boxes of Christmas decorations. Apparently, our elf thought we have too many and tried to sell them. She also had some Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes that luckily didn’t sell so the kids gobbled them up.

Magic Supplies: Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes and all the trees in the house

Day 12: Elf’s Gone Fishing

Maisie faced a challeng time finding Lily this morning. All she left was a note that said, “Gone Fishing”. Maisie looking up and down and all around until finally taking a peek in the fridge. There she was showing off her latest catch on her fishing pole, and orange fish.

Magic Supplies: A clear or blue glass container, blue jello, Swedish Fish (these are the mini), a shish-kabob skewer, wire or ribbon, paperclip for the hook

Day 13: Giant Lucky Charms

The same morning our funny elf was hiding in the fridge she also left a note with a ziplock of Lucky Charms :

Place these Lucky Charms in a bowl tonight and I will do some magic

The next morning Maisie found a bowl of Lucky Charms but the marshmallows were GIANT. No mini marshmallows to be found.

Magic supplies: Lucky Charm Cereal and Lucky Charm Large and Fluffy Marshmallows

Day 14: Cleaning out the Couch

I was mortified to come downstairs to see our silly elf cleaning out the couch. She dug up hair ties, a marker, a pen and, coins. Well, to Maisie’s delight they were chocolate coins.

Magic Supplies: Chocolate coins and any small household items that might fall into a couch

Day 15: Selfie in the Sand

Our elf was obviously ready for a vacation after housekeeping the day before. Selfies in the sand with her BFF Barbies looked like fun! Her attire included a lei and glam sunglasses.

Magic supplies: Barbies and accessories

Day 16: Bungee Jumping Fail

Poor Lily. She must have been embarrassed to have us find her tangled up in her bungee cord.

Magic Supplies: Bungee cord – any stretchy cord will do

Day 17: Pringle Bell Rock

Happily, Lily recovered from her bungee debacle. This morning the party included having a ball in a Pringles can. Pringles happen to be Maisie’s favorite chips, too.

Magic supplies: Pringles

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