Merry Christmas Mantel

Creating holiday-themed mantels is a family-favorite thing to do. This year we decided on a classy yet simple Christmas mantel. It’s quite different than our spooky Halloween mantel this fall. This month, our goal was to create a festive and colorful scene without too many details. For example, the goal included a focal point, ornaments, lighting, stockings, Christmas trees, and family heirlooms to create our merry Christmas Mantel. Here is a peek at how my girls and I created a festive look in our living room.

  1. Lights, color, action. Red and green make an obvious color choice, so the focal point, a red battery-operated MERRY marquee sign, meets the criteria. My girls and I found this sign at TJ Max early in the season. Tip: When possible, ensure marquee bulbs work before purchasing.
  2. Vases. Next, our two wedding gift vases on the left side are filled with tiny green ornaments.
  3. Old Saint Nick. The classic Santa Clause came from my husband’s mother. He was in the family for years and sings some jolly tunes when he’s in the mood. In the meantime, he adds a festive spirit to the mantel.
  4. Layering. The two red plaid presents layered behind the Merry sign are wrapped canvas pictures found in the basement.
  5. Garland. Finally, the red, white, and green ball garland from Michael’s adds a hint of color.

Creating this Christmas mantel took a short time. The only effort it really took was wrapping the “presents”. The best part, we created most of the look with items we already had in the house. Lastly, we made it our own. And as you can see Maisie is in a merry spirit!

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