Create a Halloween Mantel

Creating a Halloween-themed Mantel is a fun fall project. You can mix and match old and new tchotchkes, display collections, opt for creepy, classic, or keep the theme simple. My kids are always excited to jump in a help decorate. This year the theme came together over several trials and errors and negotiating. Lots of negotiating.

Focal Point

While the fireplace is the focal point of the room, the mantel needs its own focal point. This was the trickiest part for us. The items we found were too big, too small, or the wrong color. We ended up finding a fun wood Welcome Scaredy Cat picture at Michaels (it was the last Halloween-themed picture in the store and it wasn’t even October yet). The best part, it matches the orange and black flag garland we bought at another location the week before.


Halloween is the only time of year spiderwebs are welcomed in my home. The girls wanted to douse the entire fireplace area in the white stretchy stuff but we negotiated and they decorated our living room candle screen. Adding strategically placed spiders made it the perfect accompaniment. As for the mantle, one piece of cobweb was an ideal addition to the creepy old-time headshot of a man that at the right angle shows a creepy skeleton. This was another fine Michael’s find the girls loved.


Spiders, bats, skeletons, ravens, witches, or rats. The choice is yours. Bats were my first choice. Perhaps next year we will add the flying blood-sucking creatures but I want to ensure the sticky tape won’t ruin the paint. This year a few spiders and a lone skeleton made the cut as well as a wooden witch I’ve had since before my children were born.


Candles make for a warm ambiance and are a classic Halloween decoration but my favorite is the string of tiny battery-operated lights that can be wrapped around a branch or placed in a vase. When the lights are off the dim lights add a nice and spooky ambiance to the Halloween-themed space.

Personalized Details

Mini headstones were placed amongst the decorations but my favorite items are set down low. The witches broom and cauldron hint there might be a lady in black roaming the house. We added the leftover spiderwebs to the cauldron for the appearance that something is brewing.

Whatever you decide to do, make it your own.

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