Elf on the Shelf Plays with Food

Our Elf on the Shelf, Lily Cute, sure seemed hungry this year. It seemed like every morning she was eating as much sugar as Buddy the Elf. In fact, one morning she was eating Buddy the Elf cereal out of an espresso cup and had a bowl set up for my daughter. In the past our elf created some memorable shenanigans including a visit to a hotel.

Below are some ways our Elf on the Shelf played with food last year complete with magic supplies.

Elf Drinks Melted Popsicles

The first food our Elf helped herself to were many Popsicles. We are not sure if she took the melted one from the pantry or the frozen popsicles in the freezer. Whatever the case she sure enjoyed herself.

Magic supplies: Popsicles


Our Elf on the Shelf indulged in red, white, and green sprinkles a couple of times. First, she was eating them out of a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon. Another morning she was spotted drinking sprinkles with a straw out of the container.

Magic supplies: Christmas-colored sprinkles, measuring spoon, or straw.

Elf on the Shelf with Sprinkles

Elf on the Shelf has a Snowball Fight

Elf on the shelf is truly playing with food on this one. The day after our Elf made a snow angel she picked a “snowball” fight with her rubber ducks and friends. They are hiding nicely behind their snow fort.

Magic supplies: Large and small marshmallows and friends to fight.

Elf on the Shelf S’mores

This morning our elf was making S’mores over a bonfire. The fun part is that she was able to stand all day with the help of her new trousers.

Elf on the Shelf S'mores

Magic supplies: Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers for s’mores and warm-colored feathers, and battery-operated candle (for the bonfire).

Elf in the Fridge

Last year our elf went fishing in the fridge.

Elf on the Shelf Goes Fishing in Jello

Magic supplies: Jello, Swedish Fish candies, a stick (this is a BBQ skewer), and a paperclip as a hook. (Follow Jello directions but add fish candies before putting in the fridge.)

This year she pulled together Elf cookies ready to bake.

Elf Cookies

Magic supplies: Elf sugar cookies by Pillsbury.

Googly Eyes and Fancy Hats

This scene was rated a 10/10 by our seven-year-old. Our fruit came to life with silly eyes and some of our fruit even wore hats made from Hershey Kisses and Rolo Candies.

Magic supplies: Googley eyes, Hershey Kisses and/or Rolo candies.

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