Dipped Marshmallow Treats

Dipping marshmallows is chocolate then decorating makes for a fun and easy treat.

My late daughter Maddie loved being in the kitchen. Baking and cake decorating topped her list of favorite pastimes and her younger sister is following in her footsteps. A few years ago we started making these easy chocolate-dipped marshmallow treats which are simply decorated candy-dipped marshmallows. All you do is follow the directions on the candy melts (use the stove or microwave to melt the candy). Place a marshmallow on a stick and dip it in the melted candy. Let the treats dry on parchment papers then wrap in cellophane or place in treat bags and tie with ribbon. This is a fun, easy, and tasty treat that makes kids’ faces light up. The shopping list is extremely easy:


  1. Large Marshmallows
  2. Candy Melts (follow directions on the bag)
  3. Treat Sticks
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Plastic treat bags (clear or decorated – make sure they accommodate the stick size)
Valentine's Day Marshmallow Treats

Valentine’s Day Treats

We make red and pink dipped marshmallows every Valentine’s Day and they are always a well-received gift. White or pink confectionary coating melts are best for this holiday. Last year we used gold and silver sprinkles which made them sparkle! Every year we do something different.

Sometimes we use treat bags for gift giving. One year instead of using the plastic treat bags we used large mason jars and cellophane with ribbon and gave them to Maisie’s preschool teachers.

Dipped marshmallows make fun gifts

Halloween Treats

Last year my youngest daughter and I made similar marshmallow treats for Halloween and they turned out so cute! We also dipped pretzels. Keep scrolling for more pictures and to see our Monster Marshmallows.

Monster Marshmallows

If you like Mounds or Almond Joy chocolate bars then this one will be a real treat. All you need is:

  1. Chocolate flavored candy melts
  2. Shredded coconut
  3. Candy eyes
  4. Writing icing (for smile or eyebrows)
  5. Sprinkles for accents (hair, ears or eyebrows)
Halloween Marshmallow Treats

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