Rudolph visits Elf on the Shelf

Noses are Red

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer visited our Elf on the Shelf and friends, as you can see by the short video below. Apparently, the elves asked Rudolph for a sleigh ride.

As the sign says, noses are red. Both of our elves were discovered sporting shiny red noses and the Arctic Fox fashionably flaunted a red flashing nose. Rudolph also left a personalized gift of hot cocoa cereal for our family to enjoy. He must know our elf loves food. What a magical experience!

We hope Rudolph visits again this year!

Magic Supplies: Rudolph Hot Cocoa Cereal, white sparkly “snow” fabric, blinking red nose, red puff balls, Rudolph and any household stuffies who like to play in the snow.

See more our elf’s shenanigans here.

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