Minnesota Ice Castles

2022 Minnesota Ice Castles

My family’s first visit to the Minnesota Ice Castles was in 2013 in the parking lot of Mall of America. My kids love exploring the ice caves, caverns, and tunnels but most of all sliding down the ice slides. This icy attraction has also been created in many other Minnesota locations including Excelsior, Eden Prairie, New Brighton, and Stillwater. We have been to all except the Stillwater location. 2021 was skipped, no surprise, but this year the ice creations are back, in New Brighton, and as always worth the visit – twice. Why? Well, the experience is completely different as you can see from this picture of my family in 2015. When the sun shines during the day, the ice shimmers while sunset casts a romantic glow on the ice. LED lights are used to illuminate Ice Castles at night, transitioning the ice into brilliant colors.

Talk about beautiful Instagram photos…

What to Wear to the Minnesota Ice Castles

Minnesota Ice Castles

Depending upon the temperature and time of day you may get away with your normal winter wear. During our earlier visits to the Ice Castles, I look back and think the pictures don’t look like we are that cold. However, I do remember the evening of January 22, 2016. We were at the Excelsior Ice Castle location, shivering while standing in line for hot chocolate when my husband turned to me and said, “Never again.” I looked back at the temperature and the low was -13 before windchill. Yes, it was very cold. This year talked him into going (he must have forgotten) and the temp was similar on opening night -13 with the windchill but we brought a game-changer, HotHands Super Warmers (the super warmers are really nice and toasty, and last 18 hours!) which helped as we stood in line. However, as soon as the gloves came off to take photos, my fingers went completely numb.

You can’t tell from the picture below but my daughter, in the picture below, is super layered. Boots, two pairs of socks, pants under snow pants, three shirts plus a coat. I do wish we had used HotHands Insole Foot Warmers With Adhesive. If you’re visiting with kids, throw on the snow pants and tall boots, as they are sure to fall in the snow. As for you…layer! You can always take layers off.

Beyond layering and HotHands my Colorado sister and her husband smartly wear Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket with Battery Pack. They always look so cozy no matter where we go outdoors.

As for the length of time to spend at the Ice Castles, we have stayed anywhere from a half-hour to an hour.

 Minnesota's Colorful Ice Castles


The firepit is a popular place to warm your hands and body.

Ice Slide

The Ice Castles’ slide has come a long way. From the 2016 version in Excelsior, Minnesota…

To the 2022 ice slide version in New Brighton, Minnesota. There is also a smaller one for the kiddies.

Ice Slide
Minnesota Ice Castles Slide

Ticket Cost:

You can order tickets through the Ice Castles’ website.

Weekdays: Monday-Thursday

General Admission (ages 12 and up) – $15

Child Admission (ages 4-11) $11

Weekends: Friday-Sunday

General Admission (ages 12 and up) – $22

Child Admission(ages 4-11) $16

Address: Long Lake Regional Park, 1500 Old Highway 8, New Brighton, MN 55112

Parking is easy and free.

Minnesota Ice Castles

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