3 Days of Elf on the Shelf Airplane Adventures

Day 1 – Elf on the Shelf are found flying in an airplane

On this day, the plane arrives with the elves enjoying the scenery and big smiles on their faces. The wow factor hit right away!

Magic Supplies: Elf on the Shelf Peppermint Plane or try another elf airplane option that comes with two planes. Note: Red and white twine comes with the plane but the elves may need more for future adventures.

Day 2 – Hot Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

A dozen days of hot chocolate scavenger hunt started with one elf riding down a rope dropping from the plane with a tied hot chocolate. The rest of hot chocolates were found hidden around the house. A note on the chalkboard gives directions that there is a game behind the magical scene.

Magic supplies: 12 boxes of hot cocoa (or hot chocolate bombs) and stretchy chord.

Day 3 – Zip-line Time

The elves are not on a shelf as they evacuate the airplane via zip-line (see the video below). By Day 4 they will be on to something else.

Magic Supplies: Stretchy chord

Stay turned for more Elf on the Shelf adventures!

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