Moana’s Journey of Water at Epcot

When Maisie was three the only movie we watched was Moana. So when she saw on TikTok that Moana was inspiring the brand new Journey of Water at Epcot, it was first on our list during our upcoming Disney trip which included camping at  The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

During our Epcot day, we headed straight to the Journey of Water and that was the right thing to do. We were one of the first families to arrive. Maisie had her pick of magical water attractions. Water makes music, bounces, dances and dazzles and some features are controlled by hand waves or separates as you walk through a curtain of water. This is one Epcot attraction you do not want to miss! And it’s perfect for every age.

When you go:

Know that you might get wet. This might be refreshing if it’s a warm day.

Moana isn’t actually in this attraction. But the stunning Te Fiti is at the end!

Getting a good picture of Te Fiti might be tricky with other guests posing. If this important, go early when foot traffic isn’t that heavy.

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