More Minneapolis Murals

My teenage daughter Maddie and I love touring Minneapolis murals. The music scene is hot in Minneapolis, especially considering legends like Prince and Bob Dylan have roots in Minnesota. We are working on a Minnesota Prince tour but in the meantime, one of the murals on this tour has a nod to Prince.

Minneapolis is such an incredible, lively city. But I have to admit the last year’s work from home trend has made it really easy to score parking places and explore the various murals throughout the area without much hassle. This post features murals on or near Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

The Kaleidoscopic Bob Dylan Mural 

Located at Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue on the side of the 15 Building is the Kaleidoscopic Bob Dylan Mural featuring Bob at various phases of his life along with “The times they are a-changin”.

15 S 5th St Minneapolis, Minnesota

Baby I’m a Star

This comic strip mural sits across a parking lot from Minneapolis’ Orpheum Theatre. The text bubble is a quote from Prince’s song Baby I’m a Star: “Take a Picture Sweetie — I Ain’t Got Time to Waste…Baby I’m a Star!”

928 Hennepin Ave

Guinness Mural

Directly across from the Baby I’m a Star murals, on the wall of the Orpheum Theatre is a draft Guinness mural.

928 Hennepin Ave

The Bulldog Mural

Painted on the wall of the Bulldog restaurant and bar, these darling striped bulldogs are hanging out just waiting for your visit. The purple wall down the alley to the left also makes for a lovely backdrop. This Minneapolis mural is a must-see and so is artist Chuck U’s other work (see the pup’s collar for his website).

1111 Hennepin Minneapolis, MN 55403

Our mural adventures also include Denver, Branson, St. Paul, and Kansas City (coming soon).

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