Hurts Donuts

Hurts Donuts is my family’s must-do when we visit Branson. This is one of 20 locations over several states but the only one we’ve visited. If you appreciate creativity in your baked goods this is it. The doughnuts are art on the inside and out. This is not your traditional donut shop. Hurts Donuts has personality.

Hurts Donuts Peanut Butter Fly and ET

Childhood Memories

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I recall my parents taking me to Shipley Do-Nuts for pink strawberry frosted doughnuts, and having soft, warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts land on our front porch Saturday mornings delivered by high schools for fundraisers. Those sugary delights are melted in my childhood memories.

Interestingly, despite letting my children indulge from time to time I haven’t overdone the donut thing throughout my adult life. Why? While I could blame the dangerous calories the truth is my first real job was Dunkin’ Donuts in Plano, Texas. I was in the 9th grade and had very early weekend shifts – 4:00 am early. My dear father would drive me since I wasn’t old enough to have a license. Looking back, that was quite the sacrifice. I learned how to fill the jelly donuts and smile politely at customers as I said, “What can I get y’all?” as I counted down how many left they had to choose in their dozen.

By the end of my shift, my pink polo shirt with the Dunkin’ Donuts logo on the left corner would be caked in powdered sugar and chocolate frosting. I certainly ate my share of doughnuts during that era. And as a teenager, I could eat as many as I wanted and I did. Then I would go home and nap for a few hours before joining my group of friends. By the end of my donut era, I was over donuts.

Hurts Donuts Ambulance

During our 2018 visit to Branson, we stumbled across Hurts Donut Company. The donut-themed ambulance out front of the shop with “Emergency Donut Vehicle” caught our eye. This looks serious we joked. “Let’s check it out and treat the kids.” Fast forward to 2021 and when we attempted our second visit there was a long line out the door. Knowing how far the entrance was from the counter, we oped to return later that afternoon when we could get a table.

Whimsicle Donuts

The bakery case is lined with colorful, whimsical delights that have just as creative names including Slim Shady (with M&Ms – get it?) and Bart Simpson, made with Bart’s favorite candy Butterfingers. The ET donut is topped with Reeses Pieces. I opted for the Apple Pie and it was divine. I tasted my daughter’s Coconut Creme Pie and swore I would get it next time. My son ordered a Fred Flinstone and my little one ordered a Trix while my husband ordered a Maple Bacon Long John, but they wouldn’t share.

Bart Simpson and Slim Shady
Strawberry Cheese Cake and Strawberry Filled
Cookie Monster, Coconut Cream, S’mores and more

Hurts Donuts Instagram Shots

Donuts aren’t the only fun part. There are some Instagram-worthy photo ops inside the Branson Hurts Donuts. We remade some from our last visit in 2018. This is my favorite.

Hurts Donuts Instagram Spot
Godzilla Loves Hurts Donuts

We left on a sugar high but they kids keep asking to go back. Oh, we will be back!

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