4 Inspiring Books for Life Success

2020 has been life-changing for everyone. Now that winter is in full-swing here in Minnesota. I can’t think of a better thing to do than settle in with an inspiring book. Why not read a book that offers life success advice? 2121 is only weeks away. I’m certain that the world is ready for a new year but that doesn’t mean the fear of COVID and mask expectations are going to vanish. But what it does mean is we can look at the new year with a fresh perspective and one of the best ways to do that is through reading. Below are four books that will change your life today.

The Big Leap

Author Gay Hendricks reminds me of a wise next-door neighbor who is always willing to offer a new perspective on life. His book, The Big Leap instantly resonated with me. Gay takes his readers on a journey to face their Upper Limit Problem (ULP) head-on. This guide is filled with real-life examples of how other people have hit a brick hall and how they break it down. Have you reached a goal or transitioned into a peak era of life only to sabotage it in some way? This happens often with weight loss, money, careers, and even relationships. There is something inside you that stops you from enjoying these wonderful moments. Gay will help you recognize your ULP and ultimately make the ULP disappear. While it sounds magical it’s really just being conscience but that in itself can be magic.

Success Skills for School, College, and Career

Not long ago I featured the book Success Skills for School, College, and Career by Cary J. Green, Ph.D. This is a fantastic read for the young people in your life but also for adults looking to improve important skills.

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

Author Vanessa Van Edwards calls herself a recovering awkward person. She is candid both in her book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People and her youtube.com videos. I’ve followed her for years and am always intrigued by her candor and knowledge. If you want to learn more about successful communication through body language, micro-expressions, and other non-verbal communication Vanessa won’t let you down. Every chapter in Captivate is “How to…” and full of self-reflection opportunities that allow the reader to put the practical advice to use.

This Naked Mind

Here in the United States when COVID-19 triggered lockdowns alcohol sales increased by 55%. That number is astounding. Unfortunately, other statistics are rising, too. One study showed alcohol consumption is up by 14%. What’s especially scary is drinking is up by 17% for women and a 41% increase in heavy drinking (four or more drinks) for women.

That’s where This Naked Mind enters and will change your life regardless of where you fall on the drinking spectrum. Author Annie Grace breaks down every aspect of alcohol in this easy-to-read book. She covers all of the misconceptions of alcohol: It relaxes you, it makes you feel confident, it tastes good, it makes me happy…

Trust me this Quit Lit book offers life-changing insight on drinking that, for me, was mind-blowing. After you finish the book, what’s next? The good news is the info isn’t limited to the book. Annie has a website that offers a free 30-day Alcohol Experiment and often offers live 30-day events where a community commits to spending 30 days experimenting and learning about alcohol. The Facebook pages are huge. Members share before and after pictures, ask for and offer support to others. It’s an interesting community. So grab this book and check out the Facebook page and Annie’s other offerings.

What are your favorite inspiring success books?