Life Time Fitness Safety

Life Time Cycle Class

Last month my family returned to Life Time Fitness (LTF) after placing our family membership on hold though the COVID-19 pandemic. It was time. Working from home for months is hard on my body and mind. During the lockdown months, my kids and I biked many miles across the Minnesota landscape. After my youngest started full-time summer camp, my exercise routine expanded to walking and running around my local lake. Regardless, I needed more. The outdoors are great but I need the gym.

When my husband suggested we resume our Life Time membership I was overjoyed but had one main question, “Do I have to wear a mask when I workout?”

I was unsure what the experience would be like and quickly logged on the LTF app to see what I could find out.

Life Time Fitness App


The LTF app allows members to reserve classes one week in advance. This is terrific (I’m happy to pre-choose my spot) but be prepared for classes to fill up quickly. In my experience, if a class reservation opens up at 7:45am many classes are near capacity within minutes of opening up. Hopefully, this means more classes will be added to the schedule. If the class is full, there is a waitlist so when scheduled people cancel you do have a chance. One instructor told me to show up even if there is a waitlist because people always no-show but beware, the lineup at the gym can be very competitive. In addition, another instructor warned me that three no-shows will trigger a loss in being able to register for classes for seven days. In other words, if you sign up, you better show up.

Life Time’s Front Entry

Our first day back to LTF was Labor Day for a cycle class. When we pulled in the parking lot I immediately noticed something was different. The parking lot wasn’t nearly as packed as usual. Apparently, members are slowly trickling back. When we walked inside, it didn’t take long to notice the other changes. The double doors on both sides of the entry were formerly both entry and exit. Now, the left side is entry and the right side is only exit.

Pexi Glass and Temperature Checks

Upon entering the building the large desk where members have their barcodes scan stands tall Plexiglass and a facial temperature scanner. Just align your face to “head outline” and the device reads your temperature.

Mandatory Masks until Actively Exercising

In answer to my earlier question about wearing a mask while exercising, here in Minnesota masks are required in all public spaces when social distancing can’t be accomplished. Luckily, Life Time has ensured that all exercise space allows for social distancing. In classes, as soon as I reach my bike or mat for class off comes the mask. Of course, every state is different so check with your club for details.

Tip: Make an effort to cool all of the way down before leaving and replacing your mask. Unless you have a face mask that is designed for an athlete, like the Under Armor Sports Mask, it’s very uncomfortable to cool down properly wearing a mask.

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A few other changes have been made. In cycle class, every other bike has the seat removed for social distancing and in the barbell class, hand weights are used.

Hand Sanitizer throughout the Gym

On nearly every flat surface is a pump bottle of 80% ethyl hand sanitizer. Not only that, employees are constantly cleaning the restrooms. Seriously. Every time I enter, there is a friendly employee with a rag and spray bottle in hand.

Social Distancing

If you’re standing in line for a fitness room, child care, the cafe, and anywhere else you might need to line up, look down and you will see a thank you for practicing social distancing. This picture below is on the way to my cycle class upstairs.

Social Distancing

Reminder Signs

You can’t forget. Expectations are clearly marked on large poster board leading to the upstairs gym.

Wash/Sanitize Gym Equipment

It’s always been common courtesy to wipe down gym equipment after use but now it’s seriously expected. Interestingly enough, the classes I have been attending the instructors have been telling the class they will sanitize and wipe down the equipment. There was only one class where the instructor expected the class to clean their own bike.

Safety Reminders

LTF Safety Summary

It’s so good to be back. Life Time Fitness has gone above and beyond to ensure members feel safe. If you’re worried about the safety of Life Time or any gym, my advice is to go check it out and see for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly suprised.